: Branding, Web & Merchandising

CEVA Portugal created a unique event in the group dedicated to vets, specially the ones focused in pets, animal behaviour and feline hypertension. Our goal was to find the perfect name and identity that could not only work in Portugal, but also in the other countries of CEVA’s network.

The first association was the dog ear (around VET TALKS) to the communication process of listening/talking. Also, the use of animal elements (like the cat nose in the A) highlighted the proximity into this segment of the animal healthcare.

All the shapes were fluid and the colours vibrant, related to the products and areas in CEVA’s universe. This fluidity will be also important in future VET TALKS where the areas and colours can change or have different significance.

In addition to the logo, we also created the badges, rollups, canvas, program, newsletters, landing page, table lamp, lanterns, wall sticker, tote bags and participation certificate.